Cheerleading has always been something important to me. Ever since third grade I have been a cheerleader. I'm Toni J. and I just moved to Hagerstown, Maryland from Hamden, Ct. last year. My love for cheerleading comes from my spirited attitude and outgoing ways. Since I'm only a freshman I am on the J.V. cheering squad. In my spare time when I'm not practicing, preparing or actually cheering I like to shop, hang out and I like to get involved with community and school events.

Playing drums in my band 187 takes up a lot of my time each week. We have been together for about four months. Being part of the band has a lot of benefits to it. I get to meet a lot of other popular bands from like York and just being known is cool too. When I'm not playing in the band I skateboard or snowboard. My favorite skateboard move is a heel flip. Snowboarding is one of the best things to do and one of my favorite. Since I live only a half hour away from Whitetail, our ski mountain I get a lot of time in on the slope. My favorite snowboard move is a stale fish three sixty. My name is Stuart S. and since I think everything on MTV is played out you probably won't ever see me or my band but believe me you will hear of 187 around in the future.

Ever since I can remember I have been playing baseball. I consider myself pretty good. I have played on 2 different teams, Jeter Paving and Staggs. Also I really like to collect baseball cards, I have a collection of over 3,000 of them. I like many different kinds of music too. Alternative, rap and hard rock and roll are include in my top favorite. I have seen many new movies lately my favorite was Independence Day. I gave it a two thumbs up. My name is Creston I love North High and our awesome HUBS!!!

Bobby P.

I have always been thought of as the little goodie goodie, though if you would look at me you probably disagree. I do come across as polite and mature but deep down I'm that and a whole lot more. My motto is " sit back, relax, and catch a contact." My favorite group is the Lost Boyz. I listen to a lot of other groups too like Grave Diggers and Nas. In my spare time I like to chill with my boys and look at the stars. My favorite part of school is lunch and when it's over. My nickname is D-NO but you can call me Bobby. That's all!!!

Michelle H.

After endless hours of training and standing in a starting gate in minus 20 degree whether in a 7000 elevation for what seems like eternity I have found my love and calling in life. If anybody else has ever known how it feels to grab a tuck on a downhill course and actually come across the finish line, frostbitten and all and win then you know what I'm talking about. My name is Michelle and I just moved to Maryland to stay with my dad for a while, but getting anxious to go back home to Montana for racing season. I am a ski racer, as in snow skiing. Not too many people known much about this sport. America woke up to this sport when Peekaboo Street stunned the world with her medals and Tommy Moe grabbed some gold medals at the Olympics a few years ago. Ski racing is the center of my life during the winter and I hoping this year I will be able to compete in the Junior Olympics. But for now while I'm in dry land training preparing for the upcoming season I will keep concentrating on my Olympic goal someday just like Peekaboo Street and Tommy Moe.

Michelle H.
Toni J.
Bobby P.
Stuart S.
Creston K.

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