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  1. What limits should be placed on the freedom of speech of  hate groups?

  2. What should be the penalty for hate crimes that result in the death of the victim or victims?

  3. What do you think should be done to reduce racial tension among teens at school?

  4. What do you think are the chief causes of racial hatred within the United States?

  5. Is there anything the government can do to give all minorities in the United States an equal chance without abrading the rights of the majority?

  6. How much influence does the family unit have on the growth of prejudice or violence within an individual?

  7. What steps can parents take to prevent their children from engaging in racially violent behavior?

  8. To what extent does economics come into play when determining the cause of racial prejudice and conflict?

  9. How is racial conflict in the United States different from the kind that takes place elsewhere in the world, such as in the former Yugoslavia or in Nazi Germany during the time of Hitler?


Are teens scared at school?


USA Weekend magazine, in partnership with Teen People magazine, surveyed more than 100,000 U.S. teens about this. Here is a brief summary of the results......

-Do you personally, feel safe in your school?- yes 71%, no 29%

-Rank your biggest fears in school?- My grades 64%, My friends/social life 19%, My safety 18%, Peer pressure 7%

-How would you grade the overall safety of your school?- A 24%, B 46%, C 22%, D 6%, F 2%

-If you felt safer, would you:- Learn more 55%, Be happier in general 77%

-In the past year at school have you (percentage saying yes)- Seen schoolmates getting picked on 91%, Seen schoolmates argue loudly 85%, Seen schoolmates physically fighting 74%, Been threatened physically 29%, Been hit, not in fun 25%, Been sexually harassed 19%, Been robbed of something worth more than $10 18%, Been in a physical fight 14%

-How do you usually deal with anger?- Talk to a friend 38%, Try not to think about it 23%, Engage in a physical activity, such as sports 11%, Talk to a parent or other adult 10%, Argue with the person making me angry 9%, Write in a journal 7%, Get into physical fights with others 2%

-Do any kids regularly carry weapons in your school?- Yes 11%, No 35%, I don't know 54%

-Does your school use...- Random locker searches 46%, Security guards 34%, Security cameras 27%, Metal detectors 5%

-What would be the single best thing your school could do to make you feel safer?- Send "bad" kids to alternative schools 40%, "Conflict resolution" classes 22%, Metal detectors at all doors 20%, More security guards or hall monitors 18%

-What are the most common causes of problems at your school? (percentage saying yes)- Stupid things (e.g., bumping into someone, looking at someone wrong) 75%, Girlfriend/boyfriend conflict 45%, Drugs or alcohol 30%, Expensive clothing/belongings 23%, Race/ethnicity 21%, Outsiders starting trouble 19%, Gangs (in school) 16%

-Are there any cliques that get picked on?- Yes 67%, No 33%

-Have you ever visited a bomb-making or hate Web site?- Yes 8%, No 91%

-Which, if any, of these media do you think promote violence among teens?- Movies 56%, Video games 50%, Internet 45%, TV shows 44%, Music 43%, News coverage 34%

-How long do you think it would take for a teen in your community to get a gun?- A few hours 30%, A day 11%, At least a few days 11%, They aren't available 3%, I have no idea 45%

-Is there a gun in your home?- Yes 45%, No 47%, I don't know 8%

-How did you feel about last spring's Columbine High School shooting?- It made me think, but it didn't scare me 48%, Ever since, I've been scared for my own safety at school 21%, It made me scared at school then, but not now 20%, It didn't affect me at personally 11%

-How likely do you think it is that a major violent incident could occur at school?- Somewhat likely 50%, Not likely at all 36%, Very likely 14%

-When you are your parents' age, do you think the world will be....- Not as safe 53%, The same 30%, Safer 17%

-- Teen People Magazine, April, 2000.

Typed by Danielle M.

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