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This website was produced as a result of school violence that took place after the tragedy of Columbine High School in 1999 but before the worst mass murder in US History, the killings that took place at Virginia Tech in 2007. Its message is still relevant today: to eliminate the possibility of violence on our school campuses from elementary school all the way through college. The authors of this website have graduated and gone on to lead their own lives, but they leave the website here as a legacy to the way of non-violent chance and peaceful resolution of conflicts and anger.



George Cassutto
April, 2007

If you have been watching the news, you've become aware of the terrible hate crime that took place in Jasper, Texas where a black man was dragged to his death by white supremacists. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, racist hate groups have increased the number of hate-based web sites 40% in the last year. These sites are targeting young computer-literate people to join groups such as the Aryan Nation. Here is an opportunity for NHHS to be a force for understanding through the use of Internet Technology.

As part of our main News Discussion Web Page, all teachers and students are invited to submit artwork, poetry, fiction, and non-fiction to the web site for publication to increase understanding and tolerance on the Internet. All subject areas and extra curricular organizations are invited to participate! Schools across the county, nation, and world will be invited to participate. North's web site can be a focus for people of all cultures to fight hate-speech on the Internet.

Increase the Peace!Teachers: offer your students extra credit to develop articles, artwork, and poetry for this web site. Computer Applications classes will process the data and develop it into an attractive web site where young people can learn how not to hate due to individual differences. If you, the teacher, would like to submit content for the site, you are strongly encouraged to do so. Many of you are talented writers and artists yourself. Here is a chance to reach young people in and beyond the Hagerstown community.

Have questions? Talk to Mr. Cassutto in Room 111. The site will be an on-going school-wide project on our web site, so there is no deadline, but the sooner the better.

Help fight hate!


Mr. Cassutto

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