The Supreme Court has taken up the case for grandparents' rights. This case deals with the emotional issue of whether or not grandparents should be allowed to see their grandchildren when the children's' parents object. Until Tuesday, September 28, the Supreme Court had stayed out of the issue, which is both highly controversial and usually governed by state custody laws. At this time, all 50 states give grandparents a right to seek visitation of grandchildren when parents object, but only after a divorce or the death of a parent. The Washington state court deemed that the law interfered with parents' "fundamental right" to decide how their children should be raised. The specific case for the Supreme Court deals with grandparents Jenifer and Gary Troxel, from Anacortes, Washington. Currently seeking to maintain ties with their two granddaughters after the suicide of their son, the girls' father, they have been met with the discontent of the children's' mother. The grandparents were granted visitation rights in 1995. However, when the mother appealed to the Supreme Court, the appeal was decided in her favor. The case is due to be heard by the Court in January, and should be decided by next summer.


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1. If you were a judge on the supreme court, how would you decided the case based on the above evidence? Would you allow grandparents to have some legal rights to their grandchildren?

2. Do you think that the grandparents involved in this case have done the right thing in bringing their problem up for legal action? Is the emotional stress and family turmoil worth visitation rights?

3. What role do your grandparents have in your life? Do you think it is a worthwhile and invaluable one, one worth taking to the supreme court to save? Describe something your grandparents have given you that is invaluable to your life, if anything.


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