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Princess Diana and Mother Teresa had many common qualities and had a major impact on others. Here are some questions pertaining to the deaths of these two remarkable women.

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Feel free to respond to these discussion questions on the deaths of Princess Diana and Mother Teresa:

1. What were the qualities of Princess Diana and/or Mother Teresa that made them so special?

2. Who is more important Diana or Mother Teresa in the eyes of History?

3. Who's fault was the death of Princess Diana? What was your first suspicion as compared to now?

4. What was your opinion of the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales?

5. Do you think Princess Diana got more attention then she deserved?

6. Did either one of their deaths effect you personally?

7. How do you think Princess Diana and Mother Teresa should be remembered five, ten, fifteen years from now?

8. Do you think Mother Teresa should be named a saint? On what basis do you set your answer?

9. Were you followers of these either of these two people before they died?

10. Which do you prefer for Mother Teresa, open casket or closed casket? For Diana?

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