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Tuesday May 12, 1998 India tested 3 nuclear bombs underground. President Clinton, caught unaware of the tests, has implemented laws that guarantee punitive sanctions. One of these sanctions is a United States embargo on India. President Clinton warned Pakistan, (India's long time enemy and neighbor)," not to follow down the path of a dangerous arms race."

The United States Intelligence was somehow unaware of preparation of India's nuclear test. Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Selby said," It was a big failure".

The President hopes that this is not retaliation on Pakistan for their missile testing earlier last month. He also hopes that his embargo will urge India to stop nuclear testing and that they will sign the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.

Links about India's nuclear testing

Here are some Discussion questions for you and if you e-mail me your responses I will post them below.

  1. What effect do you think that this embargo will have on the American and Indian economies?

  2. Why did India initiated the nuclear testing?

  3. What actions do you think President Clinton will take if India continues to test nuclear weapons?

  4. Should Pakistan retaliate against India?

  5. Do you think that more strict actions should be taken against India?

  6. Do you think that this could possibly lead to nuclear war?

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