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John Denver was a remarkable man, he loved his fans and musical career. Here are some questions pertaining to his life and his recent death.

Web sites to visit to learn more:

 John Denver Internet Website
A List of John Denver Links
MSNBC Articles

Feel free to respond to these discussion questions on the death and life of John Denver:

1. How do you feel about John Denver's death?

2. Do you think if John would have flown on a regular plane and not a homemade plane that he built would of made a difference of him dying?

3. What is your opinion about his musical career? Was he a popular singer? Why?

4. Based on what you saw in the media, what type of person do you think John Denver was? (lazy, boring, etc.)

5. Do you think his music benefited the world? Did you buy his cassettes or cd's?

6. What is your favorite song by John Denver? Did you like his singing overall? Why?

7. Since he did not have his license for driving the plane, do you think he was responsible for the plane crash?

8. Do you think if John would have had a license, it would have made a difference?

9. If John Denver was still living today, what do you think he might be doing? (writing music, etc.).

10. Do you think John Denver deserved more attention than what he received compared to Princess Diana?

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