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  Activity Period 
Choral Boosters 
From the Counselors
From the Principal's Desk 

It's difficult to believe that the Summer of 1997 is almost history and the 1997-1998 school year is about to begin. Counselors, Administrators and Support Staff have been laboring diligently to prepare the building, schedules and atmosphere to "hit the ground running" when students arrive for their first day on Monday, August 25th. Many extra-curricular and curricular activity will already have begun by the time classes begin. 

This newsletter will provide some important information that will assist students and parents in preparing for the new school year. Let's all work together to make North Hagerstown High School the best it can be. As always, we are "Proud to be a HUB"! 

Athletic Boosters 
      Newly Elected Board of Directors  

In May of this year a newly elected board was put in office to oversee the North Hagerstown High School Athletic Booster Club. The new officers are:  

President - Bill Graham  

Vice President - Buddy Knapp  

Secretary - Nancy Friton  

Treasurer - Margie McBurney  

Chairman of Activities - Nancy Conroy  

Trustees - Melissa Bartles  

- Cathy Bayer  

- Randy Bayer  

- Bev McConnaughey  

- Vicki Nunamaker  

- Linda Romberger  

We are hoping to provide a good experience for all our student/athletes and for the people who support them. We need parents to step forward and volunteer their time and expertise. The programs cannot exist without your help.  

If you are interested in helping in any manner, please call Bill Graham at (301) 791-1049 or Nancy Conroy at (301) 791-0052. Please let us know what area you are interested in and when you are available.  

I cordially invite all Boosters to attend the monthly meetings that will be held. The next meeting will be on August 7th at 7:00pm in the North High Cafeteria. The calendar of meetings will be announced. Your ideas are of value to us and we want to hear them.  

The membership in the Booster Club has been very poor in recent years, while there has been a steady increase in need. The funds we receive are distributes to all the sports. New uniforms and equipment are just a part of our goals along with the athletic banquet each year. I urge each North High family to become a member of the Booster Club.  

To improve membership this year, we are providing a registration form to all the families as part of this newsletter. Please take a moment to join us. Send the form with a check for $10.00 for your membership to:  

Margie McBurney  

19522 Spring Valley Drive  

Hagerstown, MD 21742.  

As incentive to join the Boosters, North High and the Boosters are offering a discount for "Season Passes" and "Yearly Passes". By joining the Boosters, you will receive a voucher good for $20.00 off an individual "Season Pass" or "Yearly Pass" for any athletic home events.  

Season Pass                             Yearly Pass  

Non-Booster $35.00                    $60.00  

Booster $15.00 $40.00  

The Booster Club will also be offering a wide range of North High apparel. These items will be on sale at Freshman Orientation, "Meet the Hubs" nights and at all home sporting events. We believe you will find that we are providing excellent products and school spirit. The items for sale are listed below. As other sport seasons approach, we will be offering additional items specific to that sport.  

Insulated Travel Mug $ 5.00  
New Stadium Seat $20.00  
License Plate Frame $ 5.00  
Outer Bank Polo Shirt $30.00  
NHHS "Embroidered" Sweatshirt $35.00  
NHHS Basketball Sweatshirt $25.00  
NHHS Soccer Sweatshirt $25.00  
NHHS Athletic "T" Shirt $15.00  
NHHS Volleyball "T" Shirt $12.00  
NHHS Soccer "T" Shirt $12.00  
NHHS Football "T" Shirt $12.00  
NHHS Track "T" Shirt $12.00  
NHHS "Embroidered" Hat $15.00  

This year promises to be a great year in HUB sports. Be a part of it!  

Please print and fill out the Athletic Booster Registration Form. 


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Graduation Requirements

MD Functional Reading Test Score - 340 
MD Functional Writing Test Score - 340 
MD Functional Mathematics Test Score - 340 
MD Test of Citizenship Skills Score - 340 

Student Service Learning 75 Hours 

(Passing Grade - 70%)

English 4 Credits 
Social Studies 3 Credits 
1 - Local/State/National Government 
1 - World History 
1 - Modern American History 
Mathematics 3 Credits 
1 - Algebraic Concepts 
1 - Geometric Concepts 
Science 3 Credits 
Fine Arts 1 Credit 
Technology Education 1 Credit 
Physical Education 1 Credit 
Health/Life Skills 1 Credit 
Foreign Lang. or Adv. Technology or be a 2 credits 
Career Technology Educ. Program Completer 

Counseling Groups 

This academic year the Counseling Center will be conducting small group counseling sessions for various students. The groups will be addressing such topics as promoting a more positive self-image, grief and loss, developing good study habits, and career and college selection. Students may refer themselves or be referred by parents, teachers, counselors, administrators, health nurse, or friends.


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The NHHS Mascot: Little Heiskel

Please review the NHHS 1997 Fall Sports Schedule to see which games and matches you would like to attend. See you at the game!

Homecoming Events 
All Week 

Thursday -- September 25th -- 7:00pm 

"Olympic Style Walk" 
(from North High - HUB Band bringing up rear) 
Friday -- September 26th -- 5:30pm 

North High vs Catoctin 
Friday -- September 26th -- 6:45pm 
"Halftime Activities" 
Naming of King & Queen 

"A Knight to Celebrate" 
Saturday -- September 27th -- 8:00pm 

Important Dates 
Freshman/New Student Orientation 
Wednesday -- August 20th -- 7:00 pm 
(High School Auditorium) 
Meet the Teacher Night 
Thursday -- September 18th -- 7:00 pm 
Thursday -- September 25th -- 8:00 pm 
Homecoming Football Game 
Friday -- September 26th -- 8:00 pm 
Homecoming Dance 
Saturday -- September 27th -- 8:00 pm 
Mark Your Calendars! 


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 Activity Period

North High will be providing students with an opportunity to participate in school more by giving them the opportunity during the school day to get involved. We will be allowing students to participate twice a month in an activity organized by the staff. Time will be provided for students to choose an activity in which they would like to participate. (Clubs, Class Meetings, Exam Make-Up, Lectures, Intramurals, Guest Speakers, Pep Rallies, etc...) All students will be given the opportunity to participate in an activity. The dates for the Activity Periods for the 1997-1998 school year are:  

Sep. 12th Regular Activity Period - SGA 
Sep. 26th Pep Assembly (Fall Sports) 
Oct. 10th Regular Activity Period - SGA 
Oct. 31st Regular Activity Period 
Nov. 14th Regular Activity Period - SGA 
Nov. 26th Regular Activity Period 
Dec. 12th Pep Assembly (Winter Sports) 
Dec. 23rd Regular Activity Period - SGA 
Jan. 23rd Regular Activity Period - SGA 
Feb. 6th Regular Activity Period 
Feb. 20th Regular Activity Period - SGA 
Mar. 6th Regular Activity Period - SGA 
Mar. 20th Pep Assembly (Spring Sports) 
Apr. 3rd Regular Activity Period - SGA 
Apr. 17th Regular Activity Period 
May 1st Regular Activity Period - SGA 
May 15th Regular Activity Period 

Choral Boosters 

Welcome to a great year for the Choral Programs. The new officers for this year are:  

Co-Presidents Gail Hemm / Dusty Graham  

Secretary Nancy Cline  

Treasurers David & Ginger Buchenroth  

We also have some items that we are selling during Freshman Orientation and throughout the year.  

Choral Booster T-Shirts $10.00  

Ceramic North High Mugs $ 5.00  

Air Freshners $ 1.00  

We are looking forward to a great year for all the choruses. 


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From the Counselors 

The parents of all new students are invited to visit the Counseling Center before or after Freshman Orientation on August 20th. The North High Counseling Center is the site of the County's Community Counseling Center and is open to the public every Wednesday evening from 6:00 - 9:00 pm.  

All students need help and encouragement with scholastic matters. The North High counselors want to assist your student in their educational planning through high school. Counselors advise students as to the academic courses they should be pursuing to broaden their knowledge base as well as to properly prepare themselves for future endeavors. Please review the following graduation requirements with your student. Most of North High's courses are offered at different levels of difficulty. The levels rang from advanced placement programs to basic skill courses.  


In addition to the Maryland High School Diploma, students who meet the following requirements will receive the Maryland High School Certificate of Merit: 

Obtain at least a 3.0 cumulative grade-point average on a 4.0 scale for their high school studies, and 

Earn at least 12 credits in courses Washington County has identified as Certificate of Merit 

Dropping courses or level changes should be done after consulting with the appropriate counselor and reviewing the student's educational plan. We expect students to stay in their classes for the first two weeks unless there is a blatant leveling mistake, a student is repeating a course in which they have already earned a credit, or a student is missing a course that is required for graduation. The reasons for changing a schedule after school starts are: 

  • Academic Misplacement 
  • Lacking Pre-Requisite Course 
  • Need Specific Course for Graduation 
  • Drop Aide/Add Course 
  • Drop Less Rigorous Course for More Rigorous 
If you wish to discuss your child's academic program or issues related to their journey through high school, please contact the appropriate counselor at (301) 766-8243. All grades are divided alphabetically. The counselor follows your student through all four years of high school. 

Last Name                      Counselor 

A-G:    Mrs. Carol Kreykenbohn-Barnhart 

H-N:    Ms. Karen Ehrhart 

O-Z:     Mr. Robert Lochbaum 

Md. Tomorrow:    Ms. Joy Rowe 


All students are required to pass the established Maryland Functional Test in four areas to graduate. The required scores are listed above. In addition to the functional tests, students may wish to take the SAT or ACT - two standard college tests. The PSAT is an integral part of the college preparation program. This test is offered only once a year. The ASVAB is offered in the fall for students interested in a military career. All students are given the Self-Directed Search to assist them in a career choice. This is given during the Freshman and Sophomore year. 

Please note the following test dates. All registration material is available in the Counseling Center. 

TEST             DATE            LOCATION 

ACT: October 25, 1997 North High 

December 13, 1997 North High 

February 7, 1998 North High 

April 4, 1998 North High 

June 13, 1998 North High 

PSAT: October 18, 1997 North High 

SAT: October 4, 1997 Williamsport High 

November 1, 1997 Williamsport High 

December 6, 1997 Williamsport High 

January 24, 1998 Williamsport High 

March 28, 1998 Williamsport High 

May 2, 1998 Williamsport High 

June 6, 1998 Williamsport High 

ASVAB: September 18, 1997 North High 



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