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1. Harriet Tubman. The underground railroad is not a real railroad. It is just a name they used for the trail to escape to freedom.

2. 1820. She was born in Dorchester County, Maryland.

3. 1857. Harriet Tubman was the only black woman that would help anybody back in those days. She also helped her brothers and sisters when nobody would.

4. 1844. When you marry somebody you don't always become free, sometime you remain a slave.

5. Remain Slave. Harriet Tubman was a slave no matter what she did. Because back in those days you had to remain a slave in your owner didn't let you go.

6. Free Nergo. When your in love you don't care if the person you love is a slave because you should always follow your heart.

7. North Star. Is the brightest star in the glaxay.

8. Philadelphia. This place has some good steak and cheese subs.

9. Moses. The reason why they called her that is because she helped the people just like Moses in the Bible days.

10. "Swing Low Sweet Chariot". That was one of the songs that Harriet Tubman sang when she was freeing the black people.

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