Thoughts On The Black Struggle

Did you ever wonder how life was in the ghettos before the Civil Rights Movement?

Sketch: King at The March on WashingtonOne of the problems of segregation was the housing conditions were terrible poor homes because the blacks and the immigrants were not economically fit to live in the middle class. Most immigrants stuck to the city and ghetto areas for the simple fact so they would fit in with the blacks and other minority groups. Back then middle class people could not associate with the lower class people or any other ethnic group at that. The difference between the blacks and the immigrants is that the immigrants had a better chance of getting out of the ghettos and inner city than the black people would (because of the segregation problems). Schools just made living conditions worst. As the whites went to nicer cleaner schools that were close to their homes while blacks had to go  to school that were not as nice as the white schools that was miles away from were they lived.

Now things have changed since the Civil Rights. Schools are no longer segregated. It is against the law. Every one is to be treated equally, but that does not always happen. No matter what the law says, there is still some racism between all the different races in America. One  problem in America is the streotyping that is going on. As long as we have sterotypes we will always have racism. Still, the national community has changed  since the Civil Rights Movement. The greatest example is with the issue of segregation. Thanks to the people like Martin Luther King Jr., it is no longer legal to have segregation in America. The real problem today in America is the way people think about each other.  How the government makes the laws may never change people's thinking.


Janet Reitman, Coming Together on Race Scholastic Update pages 2-3


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