Increase the Peace brothas!

Why all this black on black crime? An 18 year-old teen threw acid in the face of a 20 year old female. She was in serious but stable condition.The teen threw acid in her face because she was living with the teen's ex-boyfriend. It burned about 14% of her body. They also charged the teen's sister for the burns.

A male who was born in Carrolton, MD. was stabbed 7 times. The man who killed him was a black male 18 to 25 years of age who operating by himself. This stabbing took place in a movie theater in Prince George's County. The man stabbed him and took his Eddied Bauer coat.

A firebombing occurred in a black-owned newspaper store. It was a store called Jackson /Advocated. Some caller threaten to kill Mr. Jackson. They had a drive by shooting before. Then about twenty minutes later, they kicked in the door and poured gasoline all over the place in light a match and threw it in. This was called a hate of crime of the highest order.

A male from the slums of South Central Los Angles does nothing but drink and guzzle a few bottles of old English (800), in smoke PCP, and this is his idea of a good time.

We need to stop this black on black crime. Some black people will kill each other for no reason, just because they need to kill someone to be in a gang and that's how all the black on black crime is started.

If all the crime committed by black people against blacks would cease then the world would be a better place in which to live.

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