How To Fight Discrimination

These days people have to fight discrimination with higher power. The ones who discriminate others have been discriminated before in the past.

People who treat other races bad is because there parents have taughtthem to discriminate against other races, also friends convince them thatother races are different. I feel the ones who discriminate like to see undesirable traits in people and the ones we point to these traits as evidence of their native "difference".

People who discriminate do not think about the feelings of the person he/she is hurting. A child who grows up in an environment where people hate another race or creed is bound to grow up with these same prejudices. And the ones they are hurting feel humiliated and dehumanized. The attitudes of the discriminator are individual to society. As we consider the causes and effects of prejudice and discrimination on individuals, it is important to remember that each represents learned behavior.

I've learned to view other people in certain ways, and to act accordingly. There really is no way to fight discrimination no matter what is going to happen throughout the world. Only you have to take part on your behalf by not discriminating anyone else because you feel they are lower than you.

L' Tasha J.
Natasha W.
Krista B.


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