The  Panthers were founded by Bobby Seale and Huey P. Newton in October 1966. They felt that violence was the only way blacks would ever get their rights. This approach is unlike that of  Martin Luther King. King thought that violence was not the answer. The Panthers were involved in many violent protests killing and wounding police in Oakland, Cleveland, San Fransico, New York, Brooklyn, and various other cities. The Panthers made plans to kill one officer a week resulting in the indictment of six blacks. A clash between police and the panthers in Brooklyn, left three patrolmen and a black injured. The Panthers charged that J.P. Kelley  of the Pittsburgh City Council chambers for  ordering police to "shoot and kill" during  disorders. In October of  '67  a  Panther leader was put on trial for the murder of a police man. Resulting in the conviction of  Huey P. Newton  for manslaughter in September and Newton and Eldridge were transformed into black militancy symbols; the Panthers and police got into a gun battle in San Francisco on November 20, this resulted in the injuries of three police men. This was the fourth gun battle in a 13-month period. J.Edgar Hoover called the Panthers "The most dangerous group of militants in the country".
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