The First Black President: Your Opinion?  

The First Black President: Several Editorials


Today our country has grown to elect the first black president. Martin Luther King Jr. III !! By electing the first black president our country has shown that the racism that was, is no longer more. I believe that the future that is in store for us. As Martin Luther King Jr. III as the president will be a better country!!  

Written By : Krystal T. 

Today is a turn in history Martin Luther King Jr. III was elected as the first black president. Our country has changed tremendously the discrimination has gone down, the hate and the violence is down to almost nothing. This is the best move our country has made in decades. After this move I can't wait to see how much our country has changed in about another thirty years. 

Written By : Melissa G.


As a once young child now in my thirties I never expected to have a black president in the White House. The racism still existed when I was a child. But as I became an adult I noticed the racism began to disappear. 
Blacks are now being treated equal and with respect. I feel the future will be a future full of pride of struggles. But as we a country have overcome racism, I feel we as a country can overcome our struggles! I am looking forward to the future and I fell our struggle for life long peace is coming true! 

Written By : Nikki H.



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