The KKK's beliefs are wrong and immoral. This is only our opinion. Our goal is to inform the public what is going on, why the problem is there, and how we feel about it. This is not meant to be offending to any one, members or non-members. We are only practicing our First amendment Rights.We are not trying to prohibit the KKK from exercising their freedom of assembly and freedom of speech rights.


The KKK started in Pulaski, Tennessee in 1865. It was a prankish joke played by the confederate soldiers towards the newly freed blacks. They tried to reduce them back to slaves. Did they know it would become this big? They adopted their name from the Greek word "kuklos" meaning circle. It was not a prank anymore. It had become a serious vengeance. The leader was Nathan Bedford, an ex-confederate soldier with strong beliefs. The KKK wore robes with masks to protect their identities. In the beginning, the robes were just sheets with holes. Now they are like uniforms. They have become formal.This was the formation of the first major violence group in America based on racism (Landau, page 27-28). Though it did calm down, the KKK would rise again.


THE RISING (1915-1940)

In 1915, the KKK's activity picked up. It was not just the blacks they were against. It was Women, Jews, Chinese, and almost all other groups besides whites. They said they were trying to fight for the land that rightfully belongs to them. This land does not only belong to them. It rightfully belongs to all citizens of the U.S.A.. By 1920, there were millions of members world-wide. They believed that they were doing what God wanted them to do.


The name, rituals, and some of the attitudes of the original klan were adopted by a new fraternal organizations incorporated in Georgia in 1915. The real name of the new society, which was organized by a former preacher, Colonel William Simmons, was Invisible Empire, Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. They were willing to have native-born, white, Protestant males, 16 years of age or older. Blacks, Roman Catholics, and Jews were not able to be in the Ku Klux Klan.They were targets of defamation and persecution by the Klan because they were not considered Americans. Only the white race was.





The Ku Klux Klan believed that it represented sacrifice, service, and the sign of Christian religion. They have added the fire to signify that ''Christ is the light of the world.'' The history of the fiery cross is of Scottish origin, it was utilized as a sign of opposition to tyranny from big government and obedience to God.

The Klan believes that they are fighting for Americans. But who are Americans? The English came over to America and attacked the first inhabitants. They are the true Americans. They were here first and they took us in. We paid them back by taking away 98% of their land, which was rightfully theirs. The Klan is just a hypocritical society. They are fighting against the blacks for "taking away the white's land." They really stole this land from the Native Americans.


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