Dr. King 
Written by A.J.

"I have a dream!" Do you remember these words announced by the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.? Dr. King was murdered this year on April 4, 1968, in Memphis, Tennessee. James Earl Ray was accused of violently shooting Dr. King in the back. Martin Luther King was known mostly for his great speech in Washington D.C.. But there was more to the man who had a dream. King was born in 1929 to Alberta, who was a school teacher, and Martin Luther King Sr.,who was a Baptist Minister. In 1954 King moved to Montgomery, Alabama to preach at Dexter Avenue Baptist Church. On January 30th, 1956, King's house was bombed. In January of 1957, black ministers form what became known as the Southern Christian Leadership Conference(or the SCLC). One month later King was chosen as the President of the SCLC. Dr. King promoted his first book,Stride Toward Freedom,in Harlem bookstore. 

This unfortunate assassination leaves the world in total shock. To this reporter Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a great man and an even greater leader. Some people will forget about Dr. King's dream, but most will remember that Martin Luther King Jr. did not die in vain. King's dream touched us all, in different ways, in different people. For most of us his dreams will live on.

1968 Civil Rights Act is Passed  By Ben B. 

During this great year of change, congress passed another civil rights act in April. This act is also known as the Open Housing Act. After the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. members of both houses of Congress thought it would only be appropriate to pass the Open Housing Act in honor of Dr. King's memory. Along with the honor of Dr. King's memory, this Act was well needed. All across America owners and/or landlords discriminated against blacks and those whom were not white. 

As a part of the civil rights movement the Open Housing Act prohibits the discrimination in the sale or rental of most housing. It also forbids the interference of an individual's right to vote. This act follows all the previous legislation passed by Congress in the past. For example, the civil rights acts in 1957, 1960, 1964, and 1965. All of these acts have furthered the movement in "absolute freedom" for all minority races. 

In Memoriam: Martlin Luther King Jr.

  In Memoriam: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Robert F. Kennedy  Assassinated  By Vincent K. 

One of America's most powerful political figure, Sen. Robert F. Kennedy was fatally shot in a corridor of the Ambassador Hotel in L.A. on June 5 the day after he had won the California Democratic Presidential primary. He died at 1:44 am, during the day on June 6.

The accused assassin Jerusalem born Sirhan Sirhan, waited for Kennedy while the Sen. gave his California primary Victory speech. Sirhan fired twice with a 22-caliber revolver that can be purchased easily for $32. Eight other people were injured. The gunman was wrestled to the ground by eight Kennedy friends, including pro football star Roosevelt Grier.

Kennedy had refused police protection in Los Angeles and his own bodyguard was unarmed. Congress is now moving to provide secret service protection to all major presidential candidates.

The murder comes just two months after the assassination of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

U.S. Soldiers Come  Home From Vietnam  By Octavio M. 

The turning point of the Vietnam War was The Tet Offensive. Tet was also known as the Vietnamese New Year. This was the time that we decided that it would be best if we brought our troops out of Vietnam. Some people say we lost some, some say it wasn't any of our business to begin with.

There were two battles in Tet Khe Sanh and Dien Bien Phu. Khe Sanh was the first one. It started before Tet began and ended after Tet was over. Dien Bien Phu was a full scale assault on all the major cities in South Vietnam. If you ask me we should have either stayed out of it together or followed through with what we did.


In Memoriam: Sen. Robert F. Kennedy

      Presented By: A.J. M. Ben B. Octavio M. Vincent K.  

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