Was America Partly To Blame For The Holocaust


Do you consider us heros for our actions to help the Jewish people in World War II? Is that what we are? Heros? America is usually depicted as being the hero in many historical events. What history does not tell us is how America turned their backs on the Jewish people. What history does not like to repeat to us is how America took a long time to finally get involved and take action. If they had not procrastinated like they did, there would be hundreds of thousands more holocaust survivors.

While many people were being murdered and tortured the Americans did nothing to take action. Why did they finally take action? The Americans were afraid that Hitler could take over the entire continent of Europe.

The voyage of St. Louis occured on May 13, 1939. There were 930 Jewish refugees on the way to Cuba. In a few days they would be free- or so they thought. On May 27, 1939 they reached Havannah. The Coast Guards refused to honor their Visas and would only allow them in for 5 hundred dollars per person. The refugees spent their money on telegrams to other countries and to President Roosevelt. They received discouraging replys from the United States. Then Cuban Coast Guards would allow the refugees into Cuba if they deposited 453 thousand dollars in 24 hours. The refugees could not achieve this amount of money, so they left Cuba for Europe. They sailed past the Miami Coast. The United States Coast Guards would not allow Jewish people to enter into this supposed free world. They made sure that no one jumped out of the boat for freedom. They continued their way back to Europe. The Jews were admitted into the Netherlands, France, and England. Unfortunately, only 288 Jews were safe in England.  All the others died in the Holocaust.

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