1. When did Hitler become Chancellor of Germany?
     A. January 30, 1933
     B. February 20, 1922
     C. March 15, 1930

2. It was rumored that Jews poisoned the wells which started racism against Jews and led to what
    A. The Black Death
    B. Malaria
    C. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

3. When did the Nazis establish its first concentration camp?
     A. March 15, 1930
     B. January 30, 1933
     C. March 20, 1933

4. The United States, one of the most democratic, wealthiest, and freest nations in the world,
    A. helped the Jews.
    B. tried to help the Jews but were unsuccessful.
    C. eventually tried to help the Jews.

5. When was the Munich agreement signed?
    A. May 2, 1923
    B. September 29, 1938
    C. February 20, 1922

6. Jews were to wear                      , which was forced segregation.
    A. headbands
    B. an identifying badge
    C. all of the above

7. When did Germany invade Poland?
    A. September 3, 1939
    B. March 15, 1939
    C. September 29, 1938

8. Refers to prejudice against Jews.
    A. Ku Klux Klan
    B. anti-Semitism
    C. anti-imperialism

9. When did Britain and France declare war on Germany?
    A. September 1, 1939
    B. September 3, 1939
    C. November 12, 1938

10. In November of 1940, what ghetto was created?
      A. Auschwitz
      B. Dachau
      C. Warsaw

11. On July 21, 1942, how many people gathered in New York's Madison Square Garden to protest the Nazi atrocities?
      A. 20,000
      B. 10,000
      C. None

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