Women's Rights Quiz


1. In what year were American women given the right to vote?
   A. 1956
   B. 1898
   C. 1920

2. Who once published a weekly liberal newspaper called The Revolution?
    A. Gloria Steinem
    B. Susan B. Anthony
    C. Abigail Adams

3. Which amendment to the Constitution granted American women the right to vote?
    A. 19th
    B. 15th
    C. 26th

4. What famous woman was the wife of the second president?
    A. Elizabeth cady Stanton
    B. Susan B. Anthony
    C. Abigail Adams

5. What did Abigail Adams ask her husband, John Adams to do in a letter?
    A. Come home to her.
    B. "Remember the women"
    C. Send money home.

6. Where did Gloria Steinem protest government policy?
    A. New York
    B. England
    C. India

7. What is the name of the magazine Gloria Steinem founded?
    A. Ms. Magazine
    B. Women's World
    C. Ladies Time

8. What popular film did Gloria Steinem protest?
    A. Titanic
    B. The People vs. Larry Flynt
    C. Lethal Weapon

9. Susan B. Anthony supported the anti-slavery and ______ movements.
    A. voting
    B. religious
    C. temperance

10. Who was the first nation to have full voting rights for women?
    A. United States
    B. Ireland
    C. New Zealand

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