The Amistad Rebellion

Primary Source: Newspaper Article of The Amistad Rebellion


In 1893, in the Cuban Coastal Waters, forty-nine Africans enslaved in the Atlantic slave trade sought freedom. They had been captured,  sold into slavery, carried across the ocean, sold again, and now, for millions of Africans, this was the last leg of the slave trade, when they found their chance to seize the initiative. There was a man aboard the ship, the La Amistad, whom the world would come to know as "Cinque," worked free of his chains and led a shipboard revolt.

The vessel that Cinque and his fellow slaves had won over was a schooner that have been named the Amistad, or "Friendship." Cinque and his tribe were illegally enslaved by Pedro  Montez, and his accomplice Jose Ruiz.  The slaves were treated horribly by these two men on board the La Amistad.

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Exploring Amistad at Mystic Seaport

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