1. The concept that women should get paid the same amount as men for doing the same job is called what???

A. Affirmative action  C. Title IX
B. Comparable worth D. Civil Disobedience

2. The 13th amendment gave all black slaves what?

A. Voting Rights C. Bilingual Education
B. Equal Protection D. Freedom

3. Who wrote the Emancipation Proclamation?

A. Thomas Jefferson C. Abraham Lincoln
B. Jefferson Davis D. Martin Luther King Jr.

4. Who was the only Supreme Court judge to rule in favor of Plessy in Plessy v Ferguson?

A. John Marshall Harlan  C. Thurgood Marshall
B. George Washington  D. Samuel Adams 

5.  The Plessy v Ferguson court case established what?

A. Equal Protection Clause  C. Age discrimination
B. Separate but Equal is Constitutional D. Title IX 

6. What did the 19th amendment do?

A. Gave women full voting rights  C. Abolished poll tax
B. Gave black males voting rights.  D. Outlawed liquor

7.  The 14th Amendment included what?

A.  Voting Rights Act C.  Suffrage for Women
B.  Equal Protection Clause D.  Title IX 

8.  What Amendment abolished the Poll Tax?

A.  13th  C.  16th 
B.  15th D.  24th 

9.  In what year was the military desegregated?

A.  1932  C.  1948 
B.  1950  D.  1941

10.  In what year was the first black White House Assistant hired?

A.  1952  C.  1932
B.  1964 D.  1948 

11.  The 15th Amendment gave blacks what right?

A.  Freedom  C.  Equal Protection
B.  Voting D.  Public Schools 

12.  Which President signed the Fair Employment Act?

A.  Kennedy  C.  Roosevelt 
B.  Johnson D.  Carter 

13.  What court case served as a precedent for the racial integration of public schools?

A.  Plessy v. Ferguson  C.  Oklahoma City BOE v. Dowell
B.  Lau v. Nichols D.  Brown v. BOE of Topeka 

14.  In which city did black Americans boycott buses?

A.  Montgomery, Alabama  C.  Washington D.C. 
B.  Topeka, Kansas D.  Boston, Mass.

15.  What court case established that blacks are property but was later over ruled by Plessy v. Ferguson?

A.  Sweatt v. Painter  C.  Griffin v. Prince Edward County School Board 
B.  Dred Scott v. Sanford  D. Brown v. BOE of Topeka 



We hope you did well. Fight for equality for all Americans!


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