Harpers Ferry and Black History
    In John Brown's raid 21 men followed John Brown with his raid to fight against slavery. Three of them were his sons and five of the 21 men were blacks. The militias from surrounding counties and towns came to fight in Harpers Ferry. 58 people were murdered by slaves. After some time of fighting Brown sent a man with a white truce flag, but the man was captured and then the people who were against John Brown shot the man and threw him into one of the rivers. Later John Brown sent out two more men, one of which was his son, and they were immediately shot. Brown had been waiting for his attack supplies and they never showed up. He had waited too long to take action therefore he had been defeated. 
This is what John Brown looked like. He grew a beard to disguise himself. John Brown was also involved in a massacre in "bloody Kansas" in 1854. He was a radical abolitionist who was willing to use any means to bring an end to slavery. While his goals may have been admirable, his methods violated the law and the Constitution. For those reasons, he was hanged after the failed raid on the armory at Harpers Ferry.  John Brown
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