Breaking Through the Fence

This poem about our fight for our rights to vote and independence,
It is about blacks trying to break the barriers of a fence...

Emancipation Proclamation of 1863,
stated that slaves in the Confederate states should now be set free.

Civil Rights Act of 1964 bans discrimination,
lets blacks be free to go wherever they choose throughout the nation.

...a fence that is unforgiving in our perils of darkness,
a chain that sees our triumphs, fears, and even our unhappiness..
    .White Only

"equal protection of the laws" stated the 14th Amendment,
but 30 years later it's still the focus of the Civil Rights movement

The Brown verses Board of Education of Topeka case came,
started integrating schools because facilities were not same certain places of the fence it will become tattered and worn,
with every obstacle overcome new openings will form.

54 mile march organized by Martin Luther King Jr.,
to give all African Americans the right to vote sooner

Voting Rights Act was passed in the summer of 1965,
it gave every black the right to vote, and made them feel alive.


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