A Fight For Their Rights

Yes, I'm white.
Does it mean that I shouldn't fight,
for what I beleive to be right?

Yes, they're black.
Does it mean that by our whips of segregation,
blacks should be cracked?

On the outside their skin may be dark,
but what counts is on the inside.
We all have a heart.

We all bleed the same color of red.
We were all made by God,
and will someday lay in our death bed.

We all have souls, emotions and feelings.
We all hurt each other,
and we all need time for healing.

Why is there segregation?
What's the point?
Is there a reason for this madness?
Why can't we all be joined?

We need to for these people,
our sisters and our brothers.
We need to learn to live with and love one another.

A step towards ending this separation
between whites and blacks,
is giving African Americans respect not flack.

There is no reason for them to be treated differently.
They think for themselves, the same as you and me.

Decisions they can make,
so give them a chance.
Then we can all celebrate.

Celebrate the meaning of life.

Celebrate your husband or wife.

Celebrate the dream of Dr. King.

Celebrate victory's ring.

Celebrate your sisters and brothers.

Celebrate being able to freely be around and love one another.

Schoool desgregation must have been hard on the ones doing the desegregating

Black students entering newly integrated schools during the 1950s. 
They had to brave the taunts of white students as they entered, sometimes 
under the protection of federal troops.

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