A Celebration of Black History

This web site starts off with a brief history of the origins of Black History Month. The history briefly highlights the life of Godson Wilson, the man credited with starting Negro History week on February 19th, 1926. Then you can scroll down to see links to information on the different time periods of the Civil Rights Movement from 1619-1997. This time period has information on people ranging from Frederick Douglas, a slave that later went on to assist in forming the 54th and 55th Negro regiments of Massachusetts and became police marshall of D.C., to Rosa Parks, the woman credited for starting the Montgomery Bus Boycott. For every time period, you can see pictures of important African Americans of that time. Below the pictures are various links to web sites about significant people and events during that period of time. Beside each link you can read a short paragraph describing the person or event. At the bottom of the page there is a separate link to web sites that do not pertain to any particular time period.

This web site would be useful if you are in need of links to web sites about specific people or events. It also has some very nice pictures of important African Americans.

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