Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson was a very big part in the civil rights movement. He was also the very first black baseball player. He was also the person who broke the interracial baseball hard time to break the barrier but he finally broke the barrier between the blacks and the whites. At first they were wary at picking him in the big leagues because of his color.

Jackie had a hard time in a all white league because he was a black man and back then blacks were treated wrong and ignorant. In 1947 Jackie broke baseballs barrier between the two races of black's and white's. Before Jackie broke the barrier between the two colors it took nearly half a century just before black's made their move to the major leagues. Jackie Robinson was in his first game when he was actually being outcast due to his race. He had bats, balls, and drinks thrown at him. People cursed at him and tried to hit him. People were also threatening to kill him. They called and wrote letters telling him to quit or else they were going to kill him, but he ignored the threats and kept going because he knew it was important show that blacks can play as well as whites.

The afternoon of April 15th the first day of segregation ended in baseball Jackie Robinson helped the Brooklyn Dodgers win an opening day game 5-3 over the Braves when he hit a line drive hit. In spite of his hit, the crowd booed him. He continued to play with his head high and proud.

Jackie was a very big part in the sports for the blacks. If he would not have broken the barrier between the blacks and the whites, they probably would not have been where they are now in the world of sports. They would probably be in their own league, segregated from white players who not have been able to learn from the black players He was a very outspoken man. At the beginning of his career he was notified that he was going criticized. He was told that he was going to be a very big part in the sport. They referred him to take a class in non-violent passive resistance so he would not fight back. The coach was not going to take him, but he agreed not to fight those who criticized him due to his skin color.

Jackie went to Pasadena Junior College and played 4 different sports. Football, baseball, basketball, and track. He was also the team leader of all his sports . He was a top player in most of his sports. His coach was very nice to him because he was so good.

After his sports career, he went in to the army. He was not a ranked officer, but he was awesome. He was not leading a very good life after that. He was used to a life of fun and excitement. His life was starting to go on a down fall. He had his hard times because he was starting to get sick.

That is what we think that would have happened. We would still have black and white leagues. We would still be in our own leagues. He was a very big part in the black athletic department and help them a lot.

To learn more about Jackie Robinson on-line, be sure to visit AFRO-Americ@'s Site on the great baseball star

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