We All have A dream

Martin Luther King was just a man
for justice and peace he would stand

All he wished
Is for whites and blacks
to be equal when we finished

He had a non-violent protest
To put the people to a special test

So, to racial injustice, to inequality,
He raised a fist of peace
and with equal rights,
America would find release.

Sketch: Black man with American FlagHe knew his people were very bright,
he just had to lead them to the light.

Because Martin Luther King had a Dream
so no one would have to scream
for there wouldn't be a dilemma
like Birmingham or Selma.

He once said that he had a dream
and that one day it will come true.
But it will only be a dream
until there is change in me and you.


Don't hate me,
because I am white.
Don't hate me,
because of my skin color.
Hate me,
for my actions.
But don't hate me,
for the way I look.
Judge for me for my disposition,
not for my complexion.

Our society,
is filled with lots inequality.
Be sure it's about personality,
instead of inequality.
Don't be the one to practice
segregation and discrimination.
Be the one to practice
a celebration of life.
All men are created equal
That was true for all people

Dr. King Sings in Memphis, April 3, 1968.

Poems and artwork by:

Nicole B.
Erin R.
Amanda B.
April S.

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