Louis Farrakhan: Racist or Righteous?

As an American citizen Louis Farrakhan is the leader of the 90's for the Black Americans of the U.S. Louis Farrakhan a 62 year-old patriarch of the Nation of Islam. Farrakhan is the father of nine children, and his wife is at the age of 41. Farrakhan c ame honestly to his belief in family tradition. Critics of Louis Farrakhan and the nation of Islam often take a demanding approach to their alleged bigotry. Wildy perceived as a publicity-hungry, hate-spouting extremist, he has somehow managed to mobilize black America when more moderate leaders like Rev. Jesse Jackson could not. Many believe that Farrakhan has always been a man of many faces. Even blacks are divided about his appeal.

In his short term Louis Farrakhan excoriated homosexuals, called the Jewish people "Bloodsuckers," and demonized Whites, Asians, and Arabs. "It's the whites who have done the dividing in America," he said to People Weekly magazine. Many people believe that Louis Farrakhan is very racist, and that he only thinks that one race is superior than any other race. Once Collin Powell compared Farrakhan to the white Mark Fuhrman, the racist perjury-committing L.A. cop of OJ Simpson fame. Of American ci tizens polled overall, 41 percent of African-Americans view Louis Farrakhan unfavorably, and 41 view him favorably, while 60 percent of white people have an unfavorable opinion of him. (Newsweek October, 95' p.83-88)

From the beginning, Louis Farrakhans' Black Muslim deciples have believed that all non-black races are products of a prehistoric breeding experiment conducrted on the island of Patmos by Dr.Yacub, a malcontent exiled from an original black Eden centerd in Mecca.

Louis Farrakhn racist or righteous, what do you think?

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