Remember These Headlines?

Police brutality and L.A. riots are all parts of racial discrimination. Rodney King appealed for an end to the rioting, arson, and looting that erupted in L.A shortly after four police officers acquitted on charges stemming from his vicious beating by police a year earlier.

During the L.A. riots, places were burning, but not just places: these were jobs and futures of real people. Now, there would be no jobs, no places to buy anything, no hope, no future in South Central L.A, all because of these fires in April.

During the L.A. riot, 5 people were shot by policemen, 40 major fires were out of control,and 50 citizens in riot-related violence were injured.

4,000 regular army troops and 1000 federal enforcement officers move into L.A.

With rage of sight the assailants picking up a piece of cinder-block and throwing it at a lifeless body,hitting him in the head during a L.A. riot causing serious injury.

From L.A and Orange County has been requested that at 192 people are reported to have been taken to various hospitals in the metropolitan area.

Following the rise of violence and has repeatedly called for calm among the city's black citizens. Observers report, however, that many of those participating in looting and arson are not black, rather, youths of Hispanic and Caucasian.

Reports were also received that numerous reputed"street-gang" members were seen to be participating in the violence and shooting.

According to California governor Pete Wilson, he has activated more than 2,000 National Guards men to help quell the rampge in L.A.

Out of the ashes, Los Angles began the hard task of rebuilding its future. The century's deadliest riots left deep scars on the face of the city-and the soul of the nation. In all the debate that followed, one thing became clear: the country must find new ways of thinking and talking about divisive questions of race, crime and leadership.


When I think about racism, riots, and discrimination, I think of hate. Why couldn't we all just get along and become as a big family? An example of discrimination is the incident involving Texaco Oil Company. They were hiring a certain amount of black people because of their color so they would not look bad. Executives were caught on tape calling the black workers "black jelly-beans, niggers, etc". Racism, discrimination, and riots are in all parts of the world, but they should not be. Like Rodney King asked after the L.A. riots took place " Why can't we all just along?"

Joe C.
Eddie Y.

Sources: Stan Chambers, 1995

Clark Staten: "Three Days Of Hell" 1992

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