The Martin Luther King, Jr. Trivia Game


1. In which city was Martin Luther King, Jr. born?

A. Atlanta
B. Albany
C. Austin
D. Annapolis

2. How old was King when he was assassinated?

A. 38
B. 39
C. 40
D. 42

3. What year was King assassinated?

A. 1978
B. 1968
C. 1958
D. 1959

4. In 1964 King won a prestigious prize. Which one was it?

A. Pulitzer Prize
B. Nobel Peace Prize
C. The Pulitzer Prize
D. The Congressional Medal of Honor

5. Whose techniques did King usually follow?

A. Mohandas K Gandhi
B. Malcolm X
C. Martin Luther King, Sr.
D. Abraham Lincoln

6. King led an important protest against what on April 3, 1968?

A. slavery
B. poverty
C. discrimination
D. starvation in India

7. What does SCLC stand for?

A. Southern Christian Leadership Council
B. Southern Committee for Lutheran Churches
C. South Carolina Literacy Committee
D. Southern Colored Likes Committee

8. What was the first Civil Rights action King was involved in?

A. March on Washington
B. "I Have A Dream" speech
C. Montgomery Bus Boycott
D. Leading a march against on Washington

9. Martin Luther King told people:

A. fight back only if needed
B. white people would be punished by God
C. that racial equality was all about economics
D. none of the above

10. What inspired King to help the fight for Civil Rights?

A. The killing of civil rights workers
B. He needed a cause for his ministry
C. He saw injustice in segregation
D. His wife encouraged him.

11. What church did King become the pastor of?

A. Ebenezer Baptist Church of Atlanta
B. Lutheran Church of Alabama
C. Catholic Church of Alabama
D. Baptist Church of Alabama

12. What does CORE mean?

A. Corps Of Racial Equality
B. Congress Of Racial Equality
C. Center Of Rehabilitation Experts
D. Control Of Racial Equality

13. What does NAACP stand for?

A. the National Athletic Association of College Players
B. National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
C. National Association of All Christian People
D. National Acceptance of Colored People

14. What age did King enter Morehouse College?

A. 21
B. 22
C. 15
D. 16

15. Which event might be seen as King's greatest accomplishment as a Civil Rights leader?

A. March on Washington
B. the "I Have A Dream" speech
C. leading a march against poverty
D. flying to India to study Gandhi's way

True or False: The correct answer sheds light on why it is the correct one with a brief explanation.

16. King knew his life was going to be cut short.

True or False

17. King used force to get his point across.

True or False

18. King followed Gandhi's ways.

True or False

19. King had siblings.

True or False

20. King followed his father.

True or False

21. King was the oldest man to win the Nobel Peace Prize

True or False

22. King wrote all of his own speeches.

True or False

23. The month King was shot was March.

True or False

24. King's protest were not peaceful.

True or False

25. King was married.

True or False

Here are all of the answers for your convenience (no peeking!)

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Maury O.
Jose R.
Rovert M.
Dan J.

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