A Woman Takes Charge

This is a fictional newspaper article about the first lady president, but one day we hope that this fictional account will become a fact. We have created a character that represents our hopes that one day women will share power with men. Currently, our democracy is not a true democracy because the majority of political officeholders are men. The majority of people in American society are women, and for our society to truly share power, women will need to be brought into the political process.

First Female Chief Executive Takes Office
The First Woman President of the United States

In our society, a turning point has taken place, where a woman, Victoria Danan, has gained enough political power to be President of the United States. Victoria was elected in November, 2008 after she served one term as Vice President to Al Gore. Four years ago, President Danan was actively involved with the Senate Committee handling environmental issues. President Danan followed in the footsteps of a woman by the name of Geraldine Ferraro. She was a member of Congress for the state of New York and the first woman to become the vice-presidential candidate of a major party.

In 1979, the Equal Rights Bill was almost passed as the 27th Amendment. With the intention to outlaw discrimination based upon sex. Originally drafted by Alice Paul of the National Women's Party, it failed. The reason that it failed was due to the fact that there was already laws protecting that right, and Congressmen did not want to change the Equal Rights Amendment. Due to Victoria Danan's persuasive power over Congress the Equal Rights Bill is now on it is way to the states to be ratified, and considered to be an Amendment.

What does America want from a president? It is clearly defined when you look at the outcome and career of Victoria Danan.

Her great leadership has provided us with a new look at the world, by helping us see how beautiful our environment could be, when we are forced to keep it that way. Also she has stated that she is for the Anti-gun Pro-gun control. This allows citizen to have guns only for protection. Illegal use of a gun can cause a person to lose their privileges to a gun. Many people say that a woman cannot run the job of being a president but what Victoria Danan has done has proven them wrong. Some qualities of President Danan are:

  • Strong-willed: She shows pride-by standing up for America, even though people doubted her. 
  • Common sense: does not make decisions without thinking of America. Gets the job done-does not waste time. 
  • Caring: spends time with the needy and gives to the poor. 
  • Self confident: believes in America and herself. 
  • Bold, but not too strong-powerful and accepts her mistakes. 
  • Assertive: stands up for what she believes in. 
  • Skillful political leader: She uses her skills as a good leader for America. 
  • Flexible: bends to the situation only when needed. 
  • Likable: she is popular with the citizens. They like her and her ideas. 
  • Respected: looked up to as a role model around the world.

Will Victoria Danan be a president that America has needed all along? This is America's turning point to the future. Today and everyday is history for our first lady, our President.

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