Evidence of Analytical and Integrative Thinking

Fall Semester, 2004

EDIT 797d - Advanced Video Editing and Video Publication 

Video is a dynamic medium which the web designer can use to relay course content to the online student.
The course designer can export images to a variety of video formats, and once the file is on the server, the student can access the data in most modern web browsers seamlessly, or the file can be downloaded and played off-line. 
Video comes in handy when relaying complex technical information. The movement and sound that are presented together can be used in the form of a tutorial for accomplishing tasks such as how to download files, develop web content or develop PowerPoint presentations. Screen captures and digital still images can be imported into video editing software to be assembled into a coherent presentation.

Course designers can also use video to communicate subject area content. These videos may already exist on the web, or a video camera can be used to create relevant content. Historical locations, living history, and government installations can be recorded and edited to be tailored to reflect learning standards. Video can also be used an example for students to replicate so that they can place their own video productions on student project websites or PowerPoint presentations.

During the development of the World History 2 module, it was my job to develop the challenge activity for the Cold War unit. I developed an activity where students would be creating a memorial for those citizens who had dies during the Cold War conflict. In order to convey the elements that I wanted the students to have in their proposed memorials, I chose the video format to communicate the concepts that were part of the module. I took still shots of the monuments and memorials along the national Mall in Washington, DC. Then I imported the images and added a background tune and floating captions. The result was the Washington, DC Memorials video, which I placed both on the Cold War challenge and on the DC Memorials website on cyberlearning-world.com. The main idea was to give the students an opportunity to see actual memorials. Video was the best medium by which to do that.