A Poem: On The RAFTS of Time by George Cassutto

Time has smoothed your jagged edges.
How majestic you still stand here and now.
Ever guarding the lake, flowing slowly below.

Many peoples have camped at your base.
Over rivers and plains they travelled.
Under storm clouds and blue skies,
Never ceasing in their noble purpose.
To their homeland the tribesmen guided.
Always thankful to the Great Spirit.
Infinite in His abundant Goodness.
Now we climb your colorful heights.

Together Humankind and the land unite.
Image of hawk flyingEvery being sings its life-song.
About survival, death, and rebirth.
Chieftains chant their tribal stories.
History resounding through the woods.
Each rock has witnessed an evolution
Standing on the mountain's brow.

My knowledge is made whole, like the sun.
Even as I look away.

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