Guidelines For Web Publishing

Statement of Purpose

Websites representing all or part of the school system must adhere to certain guidelines and all related policies. Failure to do so could result in the loss of web site privileges. The decision is left to the discretion of the Office of Computer Related Instruction.

General Guidelines

Website Requirements

Creating Web Pages 


Listed below are specific style guidelines relevant to sites housed on the school system's web server.


Required Home Page Elements


Listed below are specific style requirements to sites housed on the school system's server. 

Web Site Maintenance 

The Webmaster is responsible for maintaining the site. The Webmaster may delegate responsibility for maintaining various aspects of the site. A committee composed of the Webmaster, students, teachers, administrators, parents and community members can support the Webmaster in maintaining the website and approving its content. The composition of the committee will be a school-based decision. Content should be checked quarterly to ensure accuracy, timelines and relevance. Submitting Web Sites or Web Pages for Publication Original or revised web pages should be submitted to the Office of Computer Related Instruction for posting on the Web Server. Contact the Office prior to submission for instructions on how to transfer your HTML files. 



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