North High Web Department Assignments
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Web Site Department

Student Author: Period One

Student Author: Period Three

School Information Page
Needs updating, new info.


Web Site Directory
Graphics need to load faster.


Alumni Page
Spotlight on Mr. Brumback:
Add alumni e-mail
Revise Alumni Trivia game


News Discussion Page
New sections needed.
Update Presidential section


The Spokesman
Add editions from last year and new 1998 issues.


Fine Arts
Chorus , Orchestra Pages


Foreign Languages
French, Spanish, German, Latin Classes and clubs


Add new sections: Hurricanes, Global Warming, Space


Interactive Atlas
Add new links, new pages on Allegeny and Garrett Counties


Fall Sports
Add biographies on coaches, players. Add girls' and boys' soccer schedule. Summarize games.


Key Club, Cheerleading, Computers, Bible, Fashion


On-Line Faculty
Add new teacher pages. Update existing pages


Bring yearbook sections on-line. Include sections from years past.


Election Page
Biographies and statements from candidates on local, state levels.
Election results after Nov. 3.


Hub Briefs
Index of issues needed. 
Develop, maintain current issue



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