A Frames Worksheet

Let's assume you are looking at a computer screen that is set a 640 pixels wide and 480 pixels high. Given that parameter:

1) Draw a frameset that has the following values:

<frameset rows="100, 240, 140">

2) Why is setting row and column height by absolute pixels a bad design practice?

3) Draw a frameset that contains the following values:

<frameset rows="25%, 50%, 25%">

4) How many frames are there in the following frameset:

<frameset cols=" *, 2*, 3* ">

5) Write the code for a frameset that creates a grid of frames with three rows and two columns

6) Which attribute of the <frame> tag defines the content URL of the frame?

7) Compare the effect on the browser between a frame that points to an invalid URL and one that defines no source at all.

8) What happens to a frameset that has a body tag in it?

9) Name the container tags used to provide an alternative for those viewers whose browser is not frames-capable?

10) Write the full code, including sample frame sources, code for a frame set that creates a screen with two equal rows.

The answers to this worksheet are available.

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