A Frames Worksheet (Answers)

Let's assume you are looking at a computer screen that is set a 640 pixels wide and 480 pixels high. Given that parameter:

1) Draw a frameset that has the following values:

<frameset rows="100, 240, 140">


framset1.jpg (17482 bytes)

2) Why is setting row and column height by absolute pixels a bad design practice?

It doesn't allow for the fact that browsers run on all kinds of systems on all sizes of screen resolutions.

3) Draw a frameset that conatins the following values:

<frameset rows="25%, 50%, 25%">

frameset2.jpg (18202 bytes)

4) How many frames are there in the following frameset:

<frameset cols=" *, 2*, 3* ">

Answer: 3


One column gets 1/3 of the screen, the second column gets 1/3 of the screen, the last gets 1/2 of the screen. Example:

frameset3.jpg (15542 bytes)


5) Write the code for a frameset that creates a grid of frames with three rows and two columns:

<frameset rows=" *, 2*, *" cols= "2*, *">

6) Which attribute of the <frame> tag defines the content URL of the frame?

Answer: SRC

7) Compare the effect on the browser between a frame that points to an invalid URL and one that defines no source at all.

Answer: An invalid URL causes an error message. "No source" creates the frame but is left blank.

8) What happens to a frameset that has a body tag in it?

Answer: the frames will not be visible and the content of the body will be displayed.

9) Name the container tags used to provide an alternative for those viewers whose browser is not frames-capable?

Answer: <noframes></noframes>

10) Write the full code, including sample frame sources, code for a frame set that creates a screen with two equal rows.

<frameset rows="50%,50%">
<frame src="file1.htm">
<frame src="file2.htm">

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