Lesson Plan: Computer Applications

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Objectives: The students will

I. Become familiar with the basic tags that are used to make web pages.

II. Consider the factors that make a well-developed web site and web page.

III. use the basic elements of HTML to code a simple text file.

Curricular Connection: How Do these activities relate to the essential curriculum?

Indicator: 4.2  Demonstrate the use of word processing software, including editing and formatting of printed materials.

Objectives: The students will

4.5  Transfer information from one format to another using the integration features of the software package
4.6  Create graphics using the graphics component of the integrated package and import into a document

Warm Up Activity:  Developing a Web Site Diagram

A) Inform students that they are going to develop a flow chart that will represent the layout and structure of the North High Main Page.
(Sorry, the NHHS Main Page is no longer available).

B) Review with students the main design elements that make up a good web page and web site. These elements include:

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C) Gave students develop their flow chart using traditional media such as pencil and paper or allow them to use Paint Shop Pro to develop a graphical flow chart. Students must indicate page layout as well as structure of their web site.

D) If needed, allow students to access the current edition of their web department and develop a layout flow chart based on the existing web site.

Main Activity: Learning HTML Basics

A) Distribute the following teaching tools

HTML Basics article
Teacher template web page
Code for Teacher template
HTML Basics worksheet

B) Display the HTML Basics worksheet on the overhead. Have students write down the meaning of each tag as each is discussed. Point out the process of  editing in the word processor and viewing in the web browser.

C) Have students open their autobiographical file in HTML Assistant.

D) As each major tag is discussed, have students execute the program so the tag is added to their web page.

E) Collect worksheets when it has been fully completed.

Wrap-Up Activity: Evaluating Web Sites

A) Distribute Evaluation Form For Education Web Sites

B) Allow groups of four to work on one computer linked to the Internet.

C) Distribute magazines with web sites listed for students to choose a site. Have them approve the site with the teacher before attempting to connect to the site.

D) Have students evaluate the site by writing a sentence that explains why they assigned the point values that they did.

E) Collect student evaluations of selected web sites.

Evaluation: The lesson will be evaluated by:

I. the accuracy of student's written responses;

II. student's scores on future tests and quizzes.

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