Quiz: Computer Applications

1) What is the DOS command to change directories?

2) What is the DOS command to make a directory?

3) What is the DOS command to display all the contents of a directory in wide fashion across the screen?

4) Which windows program is depicted here?

Screen cap: Which program?


4A) Write a sentence that describes the function(s) of the program shown above.

5) Where is data stored temporarily on the computer so the hard drive does less work?

6) What is the DOS command to copy filename.text from the hard drive's directory called "departments" to a floppy disk and keep the file name the same?

7) What type of Pentium processor is made to handle multi-media files such as sound and video?

8) What program on a PC tells you most of the details of a computers system?

9) What is HTML?

10) List the two most popular web browsers.

11) Most hard drives in today's new systems can contain how much information?

12) Which machine is faster: a 486 running at 100 Mhz or a Pentium running at 90 Mhz?

13) Most modems in today's systems can receive and send data at 28.8 kps. What does kps stand for?

14) What is the clock speed of the fastest Pentium II on the market today?

15) What is the industry standard for the average new system in terms about amount of RAM it should have?

16) What is the name of the program seen at right?Screen cap: Which program?

17) What is the term used for the small squares (icons) seen on this graphic?


Screen cap: What's happening?

18) What is the user doing to activate the box seen at right?

19) Name the letter that shows where a person would look to find the file name in this process?

20) From which directory is the user going to get the file?

Extra Credit) With which program is the user  getting the file?

Answer to the quiz are available here

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