America In the Early 19th Century

Topic: Indian Removal

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Overview: When Andrew Jackson was annoyed at the Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw and Seminal Indians for throwing small and big raids against settlers and his militia that he made them walk the long scary trail which is now called "The Trail of Tears". In 1830 the Georgia militia was ordered to force the Cherokee out of there homeland . Brutally the soldiers hounded up 17000 Cherokee Indians marched out  to Indian territory .Which Today is Oklahoma. Many Indians died along this terrifying trail of disease, starvation and exposure. There was also 3 more Indian tribes CHOCTAW which is the a North American tribe. They Fought the English and the Creek Indians. They helped form Oklahoma. The CHICKASAW which also is a North American tribe. IN 1837 they were forced into OK. The CHEROKEE also from North America This happened because Andrew Jackson passed the Indian Removal Act. Andrew Jackson was annoyed because the settlers where in danger from Indian threat when they wanted to move west. They had many wars in which both Indian solders and American soldiers died.  The Black Hawk War and the Seminole war. The Black Hawk War was involved with Indian removal because Black Hawk and his followers attacked the militia and settlement from the American settlers.  That got Andrew Jackson very mad so he made the a very poor place to live. After the war of 1812 settlers wanted to move west of the Mississippi river, Indian removal was accomplished by nonviolent through coercive measures.

Vocabulary and Identifications

1) TRAIL OF TEARS- In 1830 the Georgia militia was ordered to force the Cherokee out of there homeland . Brutally the soldiers rounded up 17,000 Cherokee Indians  and marched them out to Indian territory. Thousands died as they marched in cold and because of starvation.  This event has been called the "trail of Tears."

2) Oklahoma- This area was the destination of the tribes that were removed from their homeland by the Federal government. At that time it was called Indian Territory.

3) Cherokee- The tribe that was most effected by the Indian Removal Act of 1830.

4) Seminole- A Florida tribe that was also removed by the government.

Important Maps


Biographies of Important People
Black Hawk: (1767-1838)

The Chief of the Sauk and Fox tribes and was the one who started the "Black Hawk War" in 1832. He was born in born in 1767 in a Sauk village in Illinois. As a teenager he led raid of men against the neighboring indian tribes Osage and the Cherokee. In the WAR OF 1812 Black Hawk and his followers helped British troops raid and destroy the militia and other American frontier settlements. After the WAR OF 1812 settlers started to move west and Chief Keokuk moved  across Iowa with a treaty. Black Hawk then figured out the scan the Americans pulled.  He started to attack American soldiers and there bases. He  was arrested. In 1833 he was allowed to be will his people in a indian reservation near the des  moines rivers in Iowa where he lived till his death.


1. Who was the president during the time of Indian Removal?
A. Franklin D. Roosevelt
B. George Washington
C. Andrew Jackson
D. Bill Clinton

2. The policy of Indian Removal was made stronger after the war of...
A. 1991
B. 1812
C. 1765
D. 1762

3. Why was Indian Removal made stronger after this war?
A. The president hated the Indians because they get in the way
B. The president just wanted them to go away
C. Too many wars  involving the indians
D. all above

4. What did Black Hawk claim when his tribe signed a peace treaty?
A. That they became drunk and had been given liquor
B. That they had been given food, clothes and gold to sign it
C. They were forced and had no choice
D. They didn't sign it. The settlers forged the signature.


1. D
2. B
3. D
4. A


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