America in the 19th Century: A 7th Grade Student Project

The Rise of Political PartiesThe Louisiana PurchaseThe War of 1812The Monroe Doctrine

The Missouri CompromiseJackson and Indian RemovalTexas Annexation

A full description of the requirements and resources for this project is available.

AH and TJThe Rise of Political Parties

Period 2 With Comparative Analysis of the Federalists and Democratic-Republicans
Period 3 View a diagram of the origins of American political parties.
Period 4 Read biographies of Jefferson and Hamilton.
Period 5 An overview and Vocabulary terms are included.
Period 6 Check out our political cartoon on views of the Constitution.

MapThe Louisiana Purchase

Period 3 "America Doubles In Size."
Period 4 "The Louisiana Purchase: Jefferson's Bold Move"
Period 7 "Napoleon's Loss is America Gain"

1812The War of 1812

Period 2 Try our ten question quiz!
Period 3 Our battle map is the bomb!
Period 4 Learn About Francis Scott Key
Period 5 The Second War for Independence
Period 7 Look for our cool link to web resources.


James MonroeThe Monroe Doctrine

Period 2 Bringing you the basics.
Period 3 An Outline of The Monroe Doctrine's Principles
Period 4 Monroe Speaks Out
Period 5 What do you know about the Monroe Doctrine?
Period 6 A biography of John Quincy Adams is included.
Period 7 Check out our Flash Map of the Western Hemisphere!


Missouri CompromiseThe Missouri Compromise

Period 3 Our vocabulary terms help explain the Missouri Compromise.
Period 4 An animated map compares America before and after 1820.
Period 5 We've got the details on this turning point in US history.
Period 7 Slave or Free? What will it be?


JacksonJackson and Indian Removal

Period 2 Indian Removal Information
Period 3 Indian Removal: An American Tragedy
Period 5 The map tells the story of the removal of the Indian tribes.
Period 6 Andrew Jackson and Indian Removal
Period 7 The story is told.

South CarolinaThe Nullification Crisis

Period 2 What is nullification?
Period 3 Our political cartoon explains nullification.
Period 4 This page has the scoop on nullification.
Period 5 Including a letter by Andrew Jackson.
Period 6 A flow chart explains what happened in 1832.
Period 7 Including a political cartoon with one viewpoint on the crisis.

TexasTexas Annexation

Period 2 "Remember the Alamo"
Period 3 Texas Annexation
Period 4 The Texas Revolution
Period 5 The Story of Texas
Period 7 What do you need to know? We got it right here. 

Map of American territoryManifest Destiny

Period 4 With a map of the growth of the US.
Period 7 Our map beats Period 4's Map.

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