America In the Early 19th Century
The Monroe Doctrine

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 The Monroe Doctrine was written by the man himself James Monroe and it was to talk about how you can share Oregon with Britain, Set western boundaries to Europe, and that you stay out of the western hemisphere. And also that us will leave Europe and its colonies alone.

Vocabulary Sheet

   1. Federalists - a person whosupported a strong federal government over the states.

   2.  Amendment - changes to the constitution

    3. Doctrine - a statement in US policy on the activities and rights of European power in the western hemisphere.

    4. tariffs - taxes on imports.

    5. embargo - to halt trade with one or more other nations.

    6.  Impressment - when someone is forced to serve in another nations navy.

Important Maps

The Western Hemisphere Around 1823
The Western Hemisphere Around 1823

Biographies of Important People
James Monroe:

He was the fifth President of the U.S.A. and was born in Westmoreland County, VA.  Among the many happenings of his Presidency,  he wrote the Monroe Doctrine in 1823. 


1. What is the Monroe Doctrine?
    a. a document
    b. a law that has been passed
    c. a letter

2. What does the Monroe Doctrine talk about?

3. Who wrote the Monroe Doctrine?
a.  Thomas Jefferson
b.  James Monroe
C.  James Monroe

4. When was the Monroe Doctrine made (Date)?

5. What is the nickname for Monroe Doctrine?



1) A (a document)
2) for Europe to stay out of the Western Hemisphere
3) B James Monroe
4) Dec. 2,1823
5) The 2nd Declaration of Independence


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