America In the Early 19th Century

                  Louisiana Purchase: Napoleon's Loss is America Gain
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Vocabulary Terms and Identifications
Important Maps
Biographies of Key Historical Figures


Overview: In 1803, a purchase was made that almost more than doubled the size of the United States. Thomas Jefferson became president in 1801. At that time the border of the United States was the Mississippi River, and Florida was ruled by Spain. On the island of Hispaniola a Haitian rebellion sprung up and thousands of French soldiers were sent to control the uprising. There was some success but many of the soldiers died of yellow fever. After the French lost Hispaniola, there was no need for Louisiana anymore because Hispaniola was the main island of trade from shipments coming down the Mississippi River. Napoleon sold the territory in order to raise funds for his continued wars of conquest on the European continent. Thomas Jefferson purchased the 800,000 squared miles of land for 15 million dollars. 

Vocabulary and Identifications

1) Louisiana Purchase-Territory was owned by France but later sold to America for 15 million.

2) Napoleon Bonaparte-The ruler of France who sold the Louisiana territory.

3) Mississippi River- Was the border of the US before the territory was sold.

4) James Monroe- was the messenger for the plan of buying the territory and would later be the 5th president.

5) New Orleans- port city that was excellent for trade.

Important Maps

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The Louisiana Purchase

The Louisiana Purchase: 1803


Biographies of Important People
Napoleon Bonaparte 

He was at the time the ruler of France. Napoleon was at the brink of war with Britain. His army was very weak from disease. Then he heard that a American messenger was coming to negotiate. His name was James Monroe. Napoleon cleverly sold the territory for 15 million dollars. Instead of losing the land to Britain, he sold it for a pretty good amount of money. And the United States doubled in size. 

Quiz: The Louisiana Purchase

1.Who was president during the Louisiana purchase?

2. How much was the purchase made for?

3.What year was the purchase made?

4.What year did Thomas Jefferson become president?

5. What country sold the land? 

6.What French general sold the land to the U.S.? 

7. Who explored the land bought by the U.S.?

8.What was the boundary of the US before the purchase?

9.About how much land was acquired?

10.What port city was the US very glad to get?




1.Thomas Jefferson
2.15 million dollars
7.Lewis and Clark
8.Mississippi River
9.800,000 squared miles
10.New Orleans


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