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Topic: The Story of Texas 

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Vocabulary and Identifications
Important Map
Biographies of Two Important People
Quiz on Texas



    Moses Austin had a dream of a settlement in the land that Mexico controlled, so he went pleading to Mexico for a land grant.  Austin was very happy that Mexico gave him the land grant, so he then gathered 300 families to settle in it.  But, in 1821, he fell deeply ill, and so his death occurred.  Before he died, he asked his son to carry out his dream, and the future lawyer soon became what his father was.  Then, shortly after his father's death, he brought the 300 families in the land he had.
    The rapid growth of the settlement went from 300 to 20,000 families, and Mexico was not happy.  It outnumbered them ten to one.  So, they stopped the immigration.  Then, a man named Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna came, and took control over Mexico's government, and soon he had power of everything.  Then, on March 6, 1835, he marched with his army to Texas, and attacked the fort, the Alamo.  Since the Alamo wasn't expecting the attack, they were defeated by Santa Anna.  They screamed out for their independence, but Mexico just wouldn't let them be free until the battle of San Jacinto where they were defeated.  Finally, their independence was accepted, and Texas was free.
    The Treaty of Guadeloupe Hidalgo happened after Texas' freedom, and Mexico gave up all claims to the U.S. including the Mexican Cession, and the line between Texas and Mexico ended at the Rio Grande.  The U.S. government paid it for $15 million to Mexico, and $3.25 million that was owed to them for everything.  After that, another annexation occurred.  The U.S. wanted the Gadsden Purchase  for the Transcontinental Railroad which was a railroad that stretched all the way across the United States.  The U.S. paid $10 million for it, and then their Manifest Destiny was complete.

Vocabulary and Identifications

1) Alamo-    a Texan fort that was defeated by Santa Anna on March 6, 1835

2) Antonia Lopez de Santa Anna   an army officer that had taken over Mexico's government and the Alamo

3) Stephen Austin   son of Moses Austin who brought the first group of settlers to the land soon to be Texas

4) annex   to take territory and add it to a country

5) empresarios   Americans who received land grants from Mexico to establish colonies

Important Map
Lands gained from Mexico  This is a map of the United States and the acquisitions from Mexico.  It shows all of the acquisitions the U.S. received from Mexico. 

Biographies of Two Important People
Stephen Austin

Stephen Austin was the son of Moses Austin, who had a dream that he could get land from Mexico and settle 300 families into the land.  So, he went to Mexico and pleaded for a land grant.  Then, Moses Austin got deeply ill, and he died, so Stephen Austin took over the job and settled the 300 families into the land that his father had gotten from Mexico. 


Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna

Santa Anna was a Mexican general and dictator who dominated his nation fro 30 years and led it into a disastrous war with the U.S.  After he took over the Mexican government he didn't like how the U.S. settlers were taking his land.  So, in the 1830s, rebellions against him broke out into several regions, and in 1835, he led an army against the rebels in Texas.  He then captured the Alamo on March 6, 1835.  But, the Texans under Sam Houston at San Jacinto later crushed his forces, and Santa Anna was captured.  After the defeat, Santa Anna lost a leg defending Veracruz against a French naval raid, thus regaining his position of dominance in Mexico. 

Quiz on Texas

    1)  Who was Stephen Austin?

    2) Who took over Mexico?

    3) Why did Santa Anna attack the Alamo?

    4) On what date was the Alamo defeated?

    5) After what battle did Mexico accept Texas’ independence?

    6) How much did the US pay for the Gadsden Purchase?

    7) What does empresarios mean?

    8) The territory in the northwest is called ________ .

    9) The blue lines on the map indicate ______ .

    10) ____ means to take territory and then add it onto a country.






    1) Stephen Austin was the son of Moses Austin who got a land grant from Mexico in order to establish colonies in the land soon to be Texas.

    2) Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna took over Mexico's government.

    3) Santa Anna took over the Alamo because he was angry about all of the settlers taking Mexico's land and when they tried to stop immigration to Texas, the settlers got angry.

    4) The Alamo was defeated on March 6, 1835.

    5) Mexico finally accepted Texas' independence after their defeat at San Jacinto.

    6) The U.S. paid $15 million for the Gadsden Purchase.

    7) Empresarios are people who receive land grants from Mexico to establish colonies.

    8) The territory in the northwest is called the Oregon Territory.

    9) The blue lines on the map indicate rivers.

    10) Annex means to take territory and then add it onto a country.

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