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Monroe Doctrine

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The Monroe Doctrine was a document announced on December 2, 1823 that stated that the American continents were no longer open to colonization by European powers.  It also became an important foreign policy for the United  States. This document, as you may have already guessed, was written by the fifth president of the United States, James Monroe, with the help of John Quincy Adams.  They wanted to speak their mind about helping Latin America financially. and that's exactly what they did.  Later on, in 1904, the Roosevelt Corollary was added to the Monroe Doctrine. It was Theodore Roosevelt's ''amendment'' to the Monroe Doctrine.  It said that to enforce the Monroe Doctrine, the United States will use military force.

The Monroe Doctrine played a very important part in the history of the United States, because it told the European countries that Latin America was no longer open to colonization and that the U.S. was not going to help Europe colonize or have anything to do with colonization any more.

Vocabulary and Identifications

1) President James Monroe - He was the fifth president who issued the Monroe Doctrine. He lived from 1785 - 1831, and was in office from 1817 - 1825.

2) Latin America - Land in Central America and South America where people speak Spanish. The early people that came there came directly from Spain. It also includes brazil, which was a Portuguese colony.

3) Monroe Doctrine - The document that stated that the United States didn’t want to colonize or have anything to do with colonizing  Latin America. They were going to become independent nations, speak for themselves, and say their minds.

4) Democratic government - A democratic government is a republic where leaders are elected and no offices are obtained by birth or inheritance.

5) Monarchs - The kings and queens of Europe who wanted to colonize the Western Hemisphere. They didn’t support Latin America revolutions.

Important Maps

This map shows Latin America when it was controlled by European powers and then when it became independent. The Monroe Doctrine closed this region of the world off to European colonization and protected these nations as independent countries.

Biographies of Important People

James Monroe

 James Monroe was the fifth president.  Monroe issued the statement speaking there minds to Spain, France, and Russia that they should leave Latin America alone.  This message was issued in 1823.  Monroe said that the Americas were closed to “Further colonization by any European Powers.”  Monroe issued the Monroe Doctrine to state that America wasn’t going to colonize Latin America with the European countries.

John Quincy Adams

 John Quincy Adams was involved in the Monroe Doctrine. When the United States wanted to send the statement to Spain, France, and Russia Adams said “no,” the United States should speak for themselves and say their minds.  Monroe agreed with Adams.  Together the two wrote up the Monroe Doctrine stating that the United States did not want to colonize Latin America with the European Countries.


Monroe Doctrine Quiz

Choose the correct answer

1. The Monroe Doctrine was written to__________?
A. For fill the American Dream  B. Keep Europe from colonizing Latin America
C. Make America industrial        D. Help Europe colonize Latin America

2. The Monroe Doctrine was written by James Monroe, with the help of________?
A. John Quincy Adams   B. Thomas Jefferson
C. George Washington   D. John Hancock

3. James Monroe was the ________ president of the United States?
A. 3rd      B. 13th
C. 5th      D. 23rd

4. Europe wanted to colonize _____ America?
A. South     B. New
C. Latin     D. North

5. The Monroe Doctrine became an important ______ policy for the United States?
A. European     B. unoriginal
C. foreign      D. Doctrine

Match the correct letter with the definition
____6. The Monroe Doctrine is a _____?

____7. The Monroe Doctrine said that the     
American continents were no longer
open to _____?    

____8. The Monroe Doctrine became an         
important foreign policy for _____?

____9. James Monroe was the president        


____10. A policy announced by President Monroe on Dec.12, 1823.

A. Europe

B. U.S.A.

C. document

D. Monroe Doctrine

E. colonization






1. B
2. A
3. C
4. C
5. C
6. C
7. E
8. A
9. B
10. D


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