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Topic: Texas

"Remember the Alamo!"


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Vocabulary Terms and Identifications
Important Maps
Biographies of Key Historical Figures


Overview: Mexico placed the Texas boundary at the Nueces River, north of the Rio Grande. Stephen Austin settled Texas after Mexican independence in 1821. Texas had settled there with slaves against Mexican law.  The United States claimed the Rio Grande as its boundary with Mexico. After Antonio Santa Anna took power, Texas revolted in 1835. Santa Anna attacked the Alamo with 5,000 troops. All the of Texans were killed, but the battle caused Texans to fight harder to achieve their independence. The battle of San Jacinto forced Mexico to accepted Independence. Mexican officials were enraged over the annexation of Texas in 1845 .

Vocabulary and Identifications

Texas Vocabulary

1. Texas - 28th state, admitted after a long conflict in Congress in 1845.

2. Compromise of 1850 - Repealed the Compromise of 1820 (the Missouri Compromise) by allowing slavery in territory gained from Mexico in return for admission of California to the Union as a free state. Moreover, the South got a fugitive slave law enacted, and it received money for Texas.

3. The Alamo - famous historical site; March 6, 1835, Santa Anna's troops captured the Texan mission, killing more than 180 defenders.

4. Annex - to take territory and add it on to a country.

5. Mirabeau B. Lamar - (1839) President of Texas, set aside land in   each county for public schools and for a state university.

Important Maps


Sketch of Texas with the boundaries of Mexican States as shown on
General Austin's map of Texas published by R. S. Tanner, 1839.
Image Courtesy of Library of Congress

Biographies of Important People

   Biography on: Sam Houston                       By: Caitie S.

Sam Houston was an American statesmen and commander who led the fight for Texas to earn independence from Mexico and later got admitted to the United States.

In November of 1835, Houston was chosen commander of chief of the Texas army in the revolution against Mexico. He made the victory at San Jacinto and captured the Mexican president, Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, and won the Texan's their independence.

 In 1836 Sam Houston was elected president of the Republic of Texas,
and he was the president of the Republic of Texas until 1838. He was elected again in 1841 and was president of the Republic for 3 more years.

When Texas was first admitted to the union in 1845, Houston was elected one of the very senators serving from 1846 to 1859. He had also been elected governor of Texas. The city of Houston was named  in his honor.


 Texas Quiz

After the 1) ________________Texas became the 28th state to join the union with legal slavery.  Texas finally won its independence in
2) ________________, after ten years.  The Mexican War between the United States and Mexico followed within a few months of Texas joining the Union. Texas withdrew from the Union on 3)________________.  On 4) ________________  1870 Texas was remitted to the Union, after being forced to ratify the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments to the constitution.


March 30
July 10,1861
March 13
February 1, 1861
Battle of San Jacinto

        (3 of these words will not be used)

5) What was Texas’ nickname?

  a) The Lone Star State
  b) The Garden State
  c) The Show-Me State
  d) The Grand Canyon State

6) War broke out between the American settle the Mexican government in?

a) 1815
b) 1825
c) 1835
d) none of the above

7) Most settle wanted to be :
a) Roman Catholics
b) protestants
c) none of the above

8) The Texas won the first battle at Gonzales on:
a) October2,1835
b) Septmeber2,1835
c) August 2,1835

9) Most Heroic Battle were fought at
 a) the Alamo
 b) Waco
 c) Houston

10)What three Indian tribal groups lived in Texas?
a) Choctaw, Caddo, & Comanche
b) Cheyenne, Apache, & Kiowa
c) Sioux, Apache, & Comanche
d) Caddo, Comanche, & Apache
e) none of the above



1) Battle of San Jacinto
3) February 1, 1861
4) March 30
5) A
6) C
7) B
8) A
9) A
10) D


Student authors:  Nina P. Rodney L., Caitie S.

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