America In the Early 19th Century
Topic:  Texas Annexation

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Vocabulary Terms and Identifications
Important Maps
Biographies of Key Historical Figures


Overview: In 1821, Stephen Austin settled in Texas with 20,000 other Texans with slaves against Mexican law.
    Texas Fought the Mexican for territory. The Texans also did not like the Mexican government.  Texans got only on seat in the Coahuila-Texas legislature. As problems between Mexico and the Texans grew over the question of slvery, war was unavoidable. The Texans fought with Mexican dictator General Santa Anna at an abandoned mission called Alamo. 200 Texans died including heroes such as Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie. Santa
Anna had 5,000 troops put forth in battle towards the Texans. Texans won the Battle of San Jacinto, which led to their independence.

    Texans ratified a constitution and elected Sam Houston President. Texans expected the United States to recognize Texas as an independent nation. Then Texas would try to be annexed by the US. The North did not like the idea of annexation because of Texas' pro-slavery views. As a result, Congress recognized Texas as a nation but did not annex until 1845. This move was one of the causes of the US war with Mexico, which began in 1846 and lasted until 1848.

Vocabulary and Identifications

1) The Alamo- Is a fort. The Lone Star Flag Flies over the restored building in memory of those who fought for Texas Independence.

2) Annex- To take territory and add it on to a country.

3) San Antonio- The capital of Spanish Texas.

4) Lone Star Republic- It is another name for texas because on the flag it has a single star.

5) San Jacinto River-Houston's forces turned suddenly and Santa Anna's troops at San Jacinto

Important Maps

The Annexation of Texas

The Annexation of Texas

Biographies of Important People
Davy Crockett

Davy Crockett served with General Andrew Jackson, who later became the 7th president of the United States. This experience for Davy broadened his ambition. He was a member of the Tennessee State Legislature from 1821 to 1825. In 1831, he was defeated for reelection but was victorious in 1833. Davy's effort to pass a bill granting land to squatters in Tennessee involved him in a political conflict with such powerful leaders as Jackson and James Polk. in 1835. Again he was defeated for Congress. Then he went to Texas where he joined the struggle against Mexican rule. Davy Crockett died while helping defend the Alamo at San Antonio.


1. What does annex mean?

2. How many Texans died when they fought Santa Anna at the Alamo?

3. Who did the Texans elect for President?

4. What did the north not agree with but the south did?

5. What did the Texans not like about the Mexicans?

6. Who did Davy Crockett serve with?

7. How was Davy Crockett killed?

8. What legislature was Davy Crockett a  member of?

9. When did Stephen Austin settle in Mexican Texas?

10. How many troops did Santa Anna have when he attacked the Alamo?



      1- Annex means to take territory and add it on to a country.
      2- 200 Texans died
      3- They elected Sam Huston
      4-  The north did not agree on annexation
      5- The Texans did not like the Mexican government on the issue of slavery.
      6- Davy Crockett served with Andrew Jackson
      7- Davy was killed while helping defend the Alamo at San Antonio.
      8-  Davy was a member of Tennessee State Legislature
      9-  He settled in 1821
     10-  Santa Anna had 5,000 troops

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