America In the Early 19th Century

Topic: Political Parties in the United States

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Overview: Political Parties has been a very important part of life in America since the beginning. When political parties first came together there were Federalist and Democratic-Republicans.

    A well known Republican was Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson believed that the states should have more power than the government to prevent the government from getting to powerful and take away the states' rights.

    One of the well known Federalists was Alexander Hamilton. Federalists believed that the government should have more power so they could up hold the country.

    One thing Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton had in common was the both dreamed of being president. In the end they both lost to John Adams and Thomas Jefferson came in second and became the vice president. From this beginning our political parties became what they are today .

Vocabulary and Identifications

1) Political Parties: Organized groups of people with the same ideas of government.

2) Federalists: Party led by Hamilton, they believed in a strong central government.

3) Republicans: Party led by Jefferson, that fought against the federalists.

4) Strict Construction: Thomas Jeffersonís view that the government has the power to do only what is written in the constitution.

5) Loose Construction: Alexander Hamiltonís view that the federal government has broader powers than those listed in the constitution.

Important Cartoon

Strict Constructionism

Biographies of Important People
Thomas Jefferson




Thomas Jefferson was a very well known Republican and also our third president. He believed in a stronger state power and a weaker central government. He believed very strongly about this view on government. A federalist named Alexander Hamilton was a someone he frequently argued with. They argued about several things including money, politics, and about if a state government should have more power. In 1796 Thomas Jefferson, his friend John Adams, and Alexander Hamilton all ran for president. Alexander Hamilton's friends said he was determined to be president.  It was a close election but in the end John Adams won and Thomas Jefferson became the vice-president.   This was said to be no hard feelings between the good friends. The second place winner in those days became vice-president. The 12th Amendment to the Constitution changed all that by putting a "ticket" system in place. This is how it is today, where the presidential and vice -presidential candidate run together as a "ticket."

Jefferson ran again in 1800 and won after the election went to the House of representatives.  Though Thomas Jefferson later became president he said this was one of the most important political experience he ever had .



1) What is the name of the view that the government can only do what is written in the constitution?

2) In what year did Jefferson win for the presidential nominee of the Democratic-Republican party?

3) Who was the leader of the federalists party?

4) Who ran for president in and won?

5) Loose construction is the view that the ***** has ***** powers
than those written in the *****?



1) strict construction
2) 1800
3) Alexander Hamilton
4) John Adams
5) government/broader/constitution

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