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Topic: Missouri Compromise

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Vocabulary Terms and Identifications
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The Missouri Compromise was a plan settled on by the United States Congress in 1820. It was designed to settle the debate over slavery in the Louisiana Territory. The plan temporarily took care of the balance between free and slave states. It brought Maine in as a free state while Missouri came in as a slave state. No slavery was permistted north of the 36' 36 degree line.

Vocabulary and Identifications

1) The Missouri Compromise- a plan agreed upon the U.S Congress in 1820 to settle the debate over slavery in the Louisiana Purchase.

2) Henry Clay- the speaker of the house and the writer of the Missouri Compromise.

3) Missouri Territory- part of the Louisiana Purchase and a salve territory.

4) Sectionalism- devotion to the inserts of one's own section over those of the nation as a whole.

5) The Tallmadge Amendment- An Admenment proposed by James Tallmadge.

Important Maps

missouri compromise

Missouri Compromise of 1820

Biographies of Important People
Person 1 Henry Clay 
He helped lead the Missouri Compromise 


Person 2 James Tallmadge 
He proposed a amendment that called for an end to slavery in the state of Missouri.  But it didn't succeed


 Quiz Questions

1. Who wrote the law for Missouri to become a state?
   a. James Tallmadge  b. Henry Clay   c. Thomas Jefferson

2. When did Missouri enter the Union as a slave state?
  a.1820     b.1819    c.1821  d.1817

3. With which state did Missouri enter into the Union?
  a. Louisiana    b. Mississippi    c. Maine  d. Texas

4. What did the Tallmadge Amendment propose?
A) To abolish slavery in Missouri
B) To free slaves in Missouri after age 25.
C) To admit Maine as a free state
D) Only A and B.

5. Missouri became a slave state in 1820.
                 True   or    False

6. Henry Clay was the speaker House during the passage of the Missouri Compromise.
  True  or    False

7. The balance between free and slave states wasn't equal before the compromise was passed.
  True   or   False

8. Maine become a free state in 1821.
  True   or   False

9. Missouri was a slave state even though it lies north of the 36' 30 degree line..
  True   or   False

10. The invisible line of the Missouri Compromise did meant what?
a. The northern states were free of slavery and the southern states allowed slavery.
b. The northern states were slave and the southern states were free.



1. A
2. C
3. C
4. D
5. false
6. true
7. false
8. false
9. True
10. A

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