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Topic: The Monroe Doctrine 

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    The Monroe Doctrine was a document that warned European nation to not interfere in the affairs of countries in the western hemisphere.  This document also said that new boundaries or form new colonies.
    This document was created to spread the rumor in Europe, that the France would send troops to revolt in the Spanish colonies.

Monroe Doctrine Vocal Words

1) Immigration - The movement of people from one country to another.

2) Simon Bolivar - A Venezuelan launched a revolution in Northern South America

3) Jose' De San Martin - Led the struggle for independence in Southern South America

4) Uruguay - Was part of Brazil between 1821 and 1828

5) Florida- Was ceded by Spain in 1819

Biographies of Important People

James Monroe
James Monroe

In 1823 President James Monroe issued that the United States should speak for itself when the British asked the United States to join them and send the message to Spain, France, and Russia to help the Spain recover its lost colonies, but James and Adams disagreed, because they thought that the America was for the Americans to use, and the message told the Americans to leave the Latin America alone.  As James Monroe announced, this statement became to be known as the Monroe Doctrine. 

Monroe Doctrine Quiz

1. What was the nick name of the Monroe Doctrine?
2. What was the position held by the creator of this document?
3. When was the Monroe Doctrine Created?
4. During what international crisis was this document given its name?
5. What did the Monroe Doctrine try to prevent?
6. What was the purpose of this document?
    A. To free all the slaves
    B. To stop other countries from interfering in the western hemisphere's affairs
    C. Give freedom and equality to all people
    D. So President Monroe could visit the King
7. What did the Monroe Doctrine say?
    A. Europe must stay out of the Western Hemisphere
    B. The US would welcome British help
    C. South America was open for colonization
    D. The US was going to colonize Europe
8. True or False: There were many rumors about why the Monroe Doctrine was created.
9. How did Europe react to this document?

Quiz Answers:

1. The Second Declaration of Independence
2. 4th President of the US,  James Monroe
3. December 2, 1823
4. Venezuela Boundary Dispute in 1853
5. To try and stop Europe from establishing colonies
6. B. TO stop other countries from interfering with European affairs
7. A. Europe must stay out of the Western Hemisphere
8. True
9. Britain agreed with the doctrine and pledged to respect it.


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